2019 GZU Military Enlistment Ceremony
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On the afternoon of April 2nd, in order to raise student awareness of national defense and motivate them to join the army, GZU held a ceremony to facilitate the process of the 2019 military enlistment in the multi-function lecture hall in Xianzheng Building. The ceremony was attended by Lv Jin, Standing Committee of the Huaxi District Party Committee and the Political Commissar of the District People's Armed Forces; and GZU leaders including Li Jianjun, Song Bao’an, Linghu Caitao, Xiang Shuwen, and Deng Chaoyong. Also present were key personnel from relevant departments and colleges, and student counselor and student representatives. Linghu Caitao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of GZU, presided over the ceremony.

Linghu Caitao overviewed the GZU’s enlistment in 2018 and made three requirements for enlistment in 2019. First, everyone should raise awareness and ensure that they will fulfill their duties; Second, everyone should prioritize their respective enlistment tasks and go to great lengths to promote military enlistment; Third, all colleges shall establish work accounts and be well-planned in a bid to complete the task of the enlistment this year.  

Lv Jin remarked that enlisting college students into the army is critical for China’s homeland security and governance, as well as imminently necessary for national defense and military forces. He suggested that students at GZU should take initiative to take on this important task and play a contributing role in building a modern army of soldiers who are loyal to the Party, well-disciplined, willing to combat, and fight until they win.

Li Jianjun stressed that enlistment is highly important in that it lays the foundation for us to consolidate our national defense and build a strong army. Joining the military by law is a glorious obligation for every age-appropriate young person. He suggested that young people should respond to the call of the county, apply for enlistment, receive training at the military, mold their temperament, and ultimately become young pioneers of the new age.  

At the enlistment ceremony, leaders of the Party Committee from both the Management College and Materials and Metallurgy College shared their experience in military enlistment. Afterwards, Li Jianjun signed a letter of responsibility for enlistment duties with the coordinators from various colleges.  

Student representatives from the National Defense Association of GZU issued an initiative to all the students, calling on the university students to join the army for better serving the motherland.

Text: Han Xiaomei (GZU News Center), Wu Xizhen (Intern)

Photography: Li Baifeng (GZU News Center)  

Chief Editor: Fan Jiajia

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

Translator: Li Xiaorong

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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